Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Play Day

Today was a "student free" day at school. Somehow we messed up the dates and had planned a big elaborate three day weekend away... for next weekend. There was no way to move the plans up to this weekend as we had previous obligations, so we tried to make up for it by telling the boys we were going to the "funnest place they could imagine" and then let them guess. They both shouted "Lazer Tag at Mulligans!", which is closer and cheaper than what we were prepared to commit to, so it was off to Mulligans.

We played one round of Lazer Tag (Mommy and Ben vs. Daddy and Nat, with the latter team winning), went on the big Go Carts, let the kiddies ride the kiddie Go Carts, and then ended the day with a round of miniature golf (Ben won by a considerable margin).

The boys really enjoyed themselves and Mike and I had plenty of time to do some deep thinking about the multitude of decisions we'll be faced with in the next week or two.

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