Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eye See You

At Nathan's eight year check up, the doctor noted that his vision was less than 20/20 and that we might want to take him for a visit to the eye doctor. Good thing for us, we've got one in the family! Dr. Stephen Chase, Michael's cousin, has been the family optometrist for a couple of generations, like his father before him. My first visit was during my engagement to Mike, and Stephen's wedding gift was the pair of contacts I wore on our wedding day because I was too vain to wear my glasses with my veil, and I was intent on actually seeing my groom!

Both boys had their eyes checked, and both are having a similar issue with their near vision, namely their eyes are struggling to focus when they transition from far away to close up. For most people, this happens as a matter of age. Age as in OLD age, not at 5 and 7. For Nathan he prescribed glasses, and when he said "bifocals" I about fell on the floor! But he's making the top half clear and the bottom half with the prescription lenses so that is comforting. For Ben he recommended waiting a year as he isn't dong the same amount of homework and reading that Nathan is.

Nathan got to pick his own frames and I let him pick whatever he wanted. He tried on quite a few and then boldly pronounced that the black and electric blue space-agey looking ones were the ones he wanted. We all love his choice, and we'll pick them up in a week or two!
He says he is afraid that they will make him look too smart. Personally I love a guy in glasses!


  1. Hey, I also have a problem focusing. (Didn't find out til college though.)

    Wow! Nathan looks great in glasses.

  2. Tanner and Braxton have the same problem - Steven called it Converging or something like that. He may have demostrated it to you this way also - basically he took a rope with a ball/marble on it and took the marble down the rope from far to close and there is a point where they can't see it. Layne has this problem also. Braxton has reading glasses but for some reason Tanner doesn't need them. Nathan looks great - glad you could get this done while you are still around to get the family benefit!


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