Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lovely Lego

There have been many a night (or day for that matter) when my bare feet have made contact with an errant piece of Lego resulting in a one footed hop around the room and a declaration that all Lego will be immediately confiscated. However, I never follow through on that threat as those brightly colored mini bricks are one of my favorite toys for the boys to play with. They don't require batteries, make noise, or do all the work for the kids. And they encourage imaginative play, which I'm all for.

My favorite Lego project was when Nathan was in Kindergarten and was required to bring 100 of something to share on the 100th day of school. Together Nathan and I counted out 100 Lego pieces and then created a base and the number 100 with them. It was the talk of the school and his teacher kept if for a few weeks before returning it to us.

But today I found something made of Lego that is strictly for the moms... jewelry made with the brightly colored bricks and then accented with a diamond. I can't immediately tell if I love it or think it is totally ridiculous, but I know I want it! The pieces sell for $250 apiece, which could buy quite a lot of Lego for the boys, so despite wanting it, I certainly don't need it!

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