Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Pre-Birthday Celebration

Michael was born on September 2nd which means he always gets a three day weekend to celebrate his birthday! In the past I've planned some amazing trips to commemorate the day of his birth... like climbing the Great Wall of China, staying at a lodge in Sequoia National Park, or renting a private house with pool in Palm Springs. This year was much more low key. Since he just got home from Macau and Hong Kong, we decided to just stay close to home.
Today I let him sleep in (jet lag) and then he went to get propane for the grill so he could do his absolute favorite Labor Day activity... BBQ! He makes enormous rib eye steaks rubbed with special spices and then soaked in butter and grilled just right. Have I ever mentioned that I was a vegetarian until I started dating him? Even the boys devour Mike's steaks like they were candy!
Tonight we were joined by Mike's Mom and Dad and sister Holly. Auntie Holly is everyone's favorite aunt... maybe because she doesn't yet have kids and can devote all of her attention (and energy) to her nieces and nephews. My boys adore her and she patiently played Power Ranger Walkie Talkie with Benjamin. Of course he was standing about 9 inches away shouting "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" as loud as he could into the microphone. We ended the evening with cake and candles and singing Happy Birthday to Mike, one day early.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mike!!!!!!! Hope today is wonderful!
    :o) Rachel (and all)


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