Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just about every day for the last two years Benjamin has been begging for homework. Each day Nathan would come home from school and moan, groan, and complain about his homework while Ben would sit near him and watch his every move, encouraging him to complete it. At some point I started giving Ben homework of his own, like a worksheet or a coloring page and he would get to work on it with all the focus he could muster.
Today was Ben's first day with his own "real" homework from Kindergarten and he is so happy! I said, "Ben, let's get your homework started", and he shot to the table, ready to work. I'm sure that this enthusiasm will wear off at some point, but right now I'm enjoying this!

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  1. How fun! All our work is "homework!" :o) We are done by noon usually, though. And so far most of it is seen as "fun."

    :o) Rachel


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