Monday, September 15, 2008

City of Ember

Several months ago we took the boys to see a movie. During the trailers we saw a preview of a film that left all four of us wide eyed and staring at each other saying we need to see that... Of course, it wasn't until weeks later I remembered the preview and went online to find it. The movie, City of Ember, is based on a book by the same name by Jeanne Duprau. I promptly ordered the book which is aimed at tweens, and read the entire thing in one sitting, totally stunned that I've never heard of the book before. It's exactly the book I would have adored and read over and over in my early childhood. I gave it to Mike, who read it on his last flight to Hong Kong, and now the boys are reading it and loving it too. After we found out that there is a sequel, a prequel, and just released last month a fourth book, we've ordered those, too. I just finished the second book and quickly got halfway through the third. I'm crossing my fingers that the film, which comes out on October 10th, is just as enchanting and interesting as the book!

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