Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bling for Boys

I was such a girly-girl growing up. I loved dressing up my dollies and dreamed of the day I'd have a real baby to dress up. When I had my babies, I didn't find it nearly as satisfying to dress them as the baby dolls I'd loved in my childhood! Michael however, took great care to dress and cover their heads with little beanies and put coordinating socks on them each and every day. Our kids never spent the day in onesies or footed sleepers! Daddy made sure they were always dressed! As they've gotten older, I've given them lots of room to wear what they want. Both Michael and I work in the arts so we actually tend to encourage it. I'm always tickled when they come out dressed in something that isn't the usual color palette of the American child. I draw the line for weddings, family portraits, and occasionally church on Sunday (I say occasionally because our church is as casual as it gets, the pastor wears shorts, sandals, and Hawaiian shirts and everyone wears denim and tees). Sometimes the boys come out in odd combinations but if you ask why they put that shirt with those pants, they always have a compelling reason. Nice to know that they aren't just haphazardly tossing on clothes. Benjamin is big into accessories right now. He has worn a medical alert bracelet since he was six weeks old (to alert people about his congenital heart disease) and possible as a result he is drawn to other bracelets. Lately he's also been wearing a leather band he designed and constructed, along with a half inch wide jelly bracelet. The last several days he's been wearing a necklace he made as well. He pointed out with delight that several of his classmates noticed it yesterday. And of course he always tops off his outfits with something unexpected... like a paper lightsaber for instance! When I was younger I longed for a little girl that would wear my heels and makeup and jewelry. I am surprised as anyone to find that I love having these two creative and artistic boys!

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