Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unwelcome guest

Where oh where are all my men when I need them? The boys are at camp and Mike is at a meeting and I'm home cleaning and discovered I was not alone in our house!

High on the wall in the living room I found a big hairy spider. Normally I get one of my manly men to take care of it, but alas, I was the sole human around. This guy was BIG! And it really freaked me out! And I'm not that easily freaked out, having lived in an area with lots of scorpions that hide out from the heat in your shoes, massive amounts of tarantulas that we used to pick up and play with because they tickle the palm of your hand, and the occasional rattle snake found in the garage when trying to do laundry.

I put two extensions on the vacuum cleaner wand and sucked that sucker off the wall. When it hit the part of the hose I was holding, there was a loud THUNK, followed by a scream (mine, not the spider's).

Our vacuum is a bagless model, and after I turned it off thought I heard some clicking or rustling from inside, so it's now sitting outside on the back porch waiting for Michael to come home and empty it. If it tries to escape, I don't want it back in the house. I think just to be safe I'll close the sliding glass door...

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