Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take a bow

Today was "parent's day" at the summer day camp where the boys have been going the last two weeks. We were served breakfast and then we were treated to a little performance by the children. If my children were to end up working in the entertainment industry one day, I can guarantee neither will be performers. Ben is the most tech savvy five year old you will meet, and he's well on his way to mastering the sound board at church and is fascinated by the light board, so he would be a tech like his Dad. Nathan has a vivid and unrivaled imagination with a creative streak that mirrors his Mama's. Just don't ask him to tell you a story... it will be full of umms and ahhs and he'll never get to the point. But if you have him write it down (his current medium is in comic book form) you'll be amazed at the intricacies of his stories and the depth of character (currently the topic generally has to do with gastrointestinal issues, but he is a seven year old boy so what do you expect?). So Nathan would grow up to write or to be a story board artist or even an animator- likely in the strain of Tim Burton.

I'm just happy to see my kids on stage performing at all. There are so few opportunities for kids to do that these days unless you pay a ton of cash to get your kids in the local children's theater performance group.

Here's Ben, who went first (my kids are the only blondes in the photos):
He had the hand movements down with military precision and never even cracked a smile. It was serious business to him! He could have taught everyone else to do it.

Then there was Nathan:

First of all, he towers above the other second graders. Parents in the rows behind us began to murmur about his height as soon as he took the stage. He's always been tall for his age starting the moment of birth, but I think now he's really aware of it and has taken to slouching whenever he can. Nathan never smiled once and looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there... but he did fully participate in "singing" the song in sign language.

Funny kids. I always tear up 100% of the time when they are on stage doing anything. Surely I'm not the only parent who does this, but I've not met anyone else who shares my reaction. I guess it just makes me incredibly happy. And like I said earlier, they won't be growing up to be performers, so I gotta take it when I can get it!

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