Little stinkers

In the car we were listening to a selection of Disney songs on the iPod. The boys were moaning and groaning with each song, "This is a GIRL song!"

Even when a song clearly sung by a man came on, there was still this whining. Finally Hakuna Matata from The Lion King came on and before they could complain, I said, "You boys better like this one, it's all about passing gas!"

A chorus of "Yippee! Hooray! I like this one! It's my favorite!" came bubbling up from the back seat.

Oh the life of a mom with boys... just never ending joy!


Michael (Daddy) said…
Then the Cinderella "work song" came on with the mice, and the boys thought it was Grey Matter from Ben 10 singing. I said, "no, this is from Cinderella," to which the boys argued if it was the one with the witch and the dragon, I explained that was Sleeping Beauty they were thinking of, to which Nathan replied, "oh, I thought that was 'Slipping Booty' to which we all had a good laugh over that. I kept driving the car and pretending to slip off my seat (at a stop light of course) saying, "Woa! my booty's slipping!" The boys practically peed their pants laughing so hard.

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