Sunday, August 3, 2008

Garage Sale

Today we held a garage sale to get rid of stuff and make money for a trip to Disneyland (which stinks because it was so much nicer when we got in for free). The boys were cute... at previous garage sales they would cry at the sight of toys being carried away or "rescue" those that made it out into the yard. This time, I would say, "do you really want that fire truck more than you want a trip to Disneyland?"

The answer was always a resounding, "No!"

We are sunburned, sleep deprived, and our feet are sore, but we've got oodles of cash so we'll be heading to the Magic Kingdom in the next week or two! Of course, on that day we'll also be sunburned and sleep deprived with sore feet, but we'll get to go on Space Mountain so that makes it all okay, right?

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