Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fine Art for Boys

Nathan and Ben both created some interesting works of art today.

Let's have a look, shall we? Here is Benjamin's masterpiece:

This was from a stack of coloring pages that come with the Blendy Blasta Activity Kit. There are several pages that have things like pirates, cars, and such, but Ben chose the one with the princess. And put her in a green and black dress. Why? Says Ben: Because you are a princess Mommy and you always wear black and your favorite color is green! Ah! I see! She is totally my kind of princess then! Now notice the little ninja dude ready to whack her in the knees. Why? Says Ben: He's not kicking her, Mommy, he's protecting her from the monsters. Oh! Well that makes sense then!

And now for Nathan's masterpiece:

Slightly disturbing at first glance, huh? There's the beautiful rainbow deer, getting blown up by a hunter, right? Not so says Nathan: That hunter is scared of the giant deer and he should be! Look! The bullets are bouncing right off! See how happy the deer is? Uh, yeah, okay. And what is that little warning sign in the lower right corner? Nathan explains: That is a bear that the people are running away from. They should know better. There was a big sign there warning them to stay away! Smart kid! So maybe I should put signs up in the house that say "No hitting your brother!" or "Put your socks in the hamper" if I want to see better results with these things?

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  1. oh that is too funny. Our boys, got to love their creative minds!


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