Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dodger Blue

A few months ago we scored exceptionally cheap tickets to a Dodger game. I grew up going to Dodger games, using the season tickets my grandparents had subscribed to right behind home plate. We'd go super early and chat with the players like Steve Garvey and Pedro Guerrero while they warmed up. Since we currently live in Los Angeles, it seemed like we should introduce our boys to baseball at the same place where we made many fun memories. We purchased enough tickets to bring Chris and his girlfriend Alyssa, as well as his brother Tommy. The day of the big game arrived and I had a terrible fever, a sore throat, and pain pretty much every where. I sent the group along without me, extracting a promise that they would take photos.

The boys loved how anything you might desire eventually comes right to you, like popcorn, big foam fingers, and ice cream. The tickets were cheap but the Dodger Dogs and all the other stuff were not! Our family made a hasty departure after the seventh inning stretch and the boys came home sleepy and sticky from cotton candy.

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