Monday, July 28, 2008

My bed has two stories!

The happy day has finally arrived! At the ultrasound when Ben was revealed to be a Benjamin instead of a Margaret, my first thought was "one day my two boys will sleep in bunk beds!"

I remember the first time I ever saw bunk beds... it was at my cousin John's house in Carson, CA. I was instantly smitten (especially since I was in the "I-wanna-be-Mary-Lou-Retton" stage and you could do flips off the top bunk when Aunt Jean wasn't looking).

I grew up with a single sibling, a brother, so I never shared a room or had need for a bunk bed. In fact, my very first roommate was my husband, and the last thing we wanted was separate beds! My husband however, did share a room from toddlerhood through high school with his brother, and they had bunk beds. Oh the stories I've heard, both good and bad! How could I not want my boys to experience the joys of a two-storied bed!

They've been asking for bunk beds since Ben stopped sleeping in a crib. We told them two things had to happen: Ben had to turn five, and be 100% potty trained. Ben is now five, and he's not quite 100% (night is an issue) but when my Dad offered to make some bunk beds for the boys, we used it as an incentive to get Ben that last 5% to fully in control of his bladder. They've just been off-the-wall excited, counting down the days until the beds arrived.

I remember my sister-in-law Heather (doesn't she have the coolest name?) telling us how miserable it was to try and change sheets on the bunk beds her sons shared while she was hugely pregnant with our niece. She ended up just covering her boys duvet-style, with no top sheet to complicate things. I am sure we'll be doing that pretty quickly ourselves.

Of course, if you've gone to the cinema recently, you might have seen a trailer for a movie called "Stepbrothers", starring John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell. There is a scene where these two forty-something stepbrothers turn their two twin beds into homemade bunk beds which comically collapse as soon as one climbs on top. I laughed til soda threatened to come out my nose. My kids however, have repeatedly asked me if that can really happen... and my answer to them is a confident NO. At least not with these beds! My Dad made them and they are solid wood, reinforced everywhere, and made to withstand at least 6 G's or two Chase Boys. In fact, come a California earthquake or a Macau monsoon, the house around us may fall into rubble, but those beds will still be standing.

I don't think it is possible to fully express the amount of joy bubbling over in my heart as I hear the boys in there now, trying to fall asleep but far too excited to actually succumb as they lay (and play) in the beds built by their Grandpa. I never expected to become a mother, and certainly never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I'd be a mom to two boys (proof that God has a sense of humor). But here I am, and here they are, and I'm happy beyond my wildest dreams.

Now ask me again three weeks from now after I've been changing sheets while hanging from a ladder a few times, and "happy" might not be the word to describe it... but for now I'm thrilled to say that for two little boys and their mommy, it's a dream come true!

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