Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I love it when Nat and Ben have long(ish) hair. Ben's starts to curl and Nathan looks like the lead singer in a boy band. Michael doesn't like it so much, since he is the one that does most of the shampooing and conditioning of their hair. I find it convenient for them to have long hair... they both despise haircuts the way that cats despise baths. When we can delay it no longer, we position Mike in front with a box of Mike & Ike's and I stand in back with the scissors and clippers and go at it. For every 30 second period that there is no whining, crying, screaming, or general misery displayed, a candy gets popped into the mouth of the child. There is always crying, and when the tears and snot start to mingle with their fine hair clippings, we have spitting as well. The boys are always so dramatic! However, considering their role models, who can blame them!

Before and After

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