Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farewell Babyhood

My Dad made the boys the most incredible (and sturdy!) bunk beds which are being delivered on Sunday. With their arrival we had to get rid of a certain toddler bed... which was previously a crib... that both my babies slept in. I had to pile the boys on the little bed to take one last photo. With Benjamin starting Kindergarten in the Fall, our family is closing the chapter on the preschool years.

Here's a pic of the bed as a crib with little Nathan who had just turned two:

And here is when the crib became Benjamin's and Nathan moved into the twin bed:

Ah yes, those were the days! And now they are all gone and we are on to new things like video games, two wheel bikes, bug collections, homework, and all sorts of other exciting adventures!

Check back for bunk bed pics tomorrow!

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