Saturday, July 19, 2008

Battle Scars

Nathan has amassed an impressive collection of scars. His latest was cause by his little brother when they were rough housing, as boys tend to do. Ben is a tough little guy, he is small but mighty and can take down an average adult with ease. Nathan tends to fight his battles with words. A few months back we were out and about and I heard Nathan angrily shouting, "I DO NOT FORGIVE YOU!" He ran towards me with his hand over his eye. When I pulled his hand away I discovered the stream of blood running down his arm. So off to the ER we went! No stitches, just the greatest miracle of the modern era... DermaBond! A little substance similar to Superglue and the gap was closed.

Oh what I would have given for that miracle substance during our time in Beijing in 2005! What barely shows in the photo above is the scar he received as a souvenir while on vacation. Even though we were taken to the "best" hospital in the region, I was left wondering what drastic changes would need to be in the health care industry made prior to hosting the world's athletes in 2008! Below are his Frankenstein stitches, which faded nicely after a year of Mederma, SPF 50, and hats to block the sun!

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